Thursday, June 26, 2008

Visitors from Miri&Limbang

My grandmother was born in Limbang, Sarawak... and when she got married, she moved to Brunei. We have therefore relatives all over Malaysia, mainly in Miri and Limbang, and some in Kuching. Brunei being in the middle of these two Malaysian towns/cities, whenever my relatives do a road trip to and fro, they usually do a stopover in Brunei... and visit their Aunt/Grandaunt - my grandmother, Ama.

If it wasn't for their usual stopovers, I wouldn't have known them this close. Yea, we also do our regular trips across border and do visit them. I must say, it is a privilege to know and learn about our roots... of how our family has grown and listening to their childhood stories.

It was nice to see them visiting my grandmother... At a age of 84, she is still able to give them her wise advice being their aunt. So much respect I have for my grandmother. Only Allah knows...

My Ama checking out the coffee to be served

The 3 sisters on a stopover visit - their trip from Miri to Limbang. Tasting our homemade 'nasi lemak' and fried mee

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

'Mummy I want to use tudung...'

Had a 'doa selamat' at my aunt's house. I got myself prepared with baju kurung and tudung. Brought Aqilah along as well and she too wanted to dress like Mummy. I put her tudung on for her... and thought to myself "This will not last long...".

But to my surprise, Aqilah wore hers the whole night long during the function. Though running around the house playing with her cousins, and her tudung kept slipping forwards and backwards... all in all, she kept it on the whole night. Made me realise she is a big girl now ;)

Close up

At Pose

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Beware: New Warriors in Town!

Have my nephew, Ai, staying with us for a week plus now.. I guess he is pretty entertained with himself.
See how 'Ultra-Ai' has defeated all the animals with his mighty power!.. 

Next is his partner in crime... Ultra-Ir with mighty moves.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Trip to Seria

Nasha will be 2mths tomorrow and she is due for her monthly jab in Seria. She was given an appointment yesterday so once again, we stepped out together as a family to Seria.This time I borrowed my brother's van as he was not using it that time, so climbing in and out the car would be so much easier. Plus I liked the space in the car which makes the passengers feel less claustrophobic.
I brought along my older kids' health cards as well to check whether they too are due for their jabs (since they both recently celebrated their own bdays too). So after I gave the cards to the receptionist, it was confirmed that all my kids needed their jab. Geez - I thought... who will be first!
Well of course Nasha was the easiest of them all... Irfan was ok too however struggled real hard once the needle went in (he had a scratch from it - as he moved, needle scratched him. Oh, poor nurse too... we forgot to hold his legs so he actually kicked the nurse which left him with a scratch). As for Aqilah, she was the hardest.. One, she is big enough to know about it! Bribing her did not work this time - she is clever too... she will not fall for Mummy's little briberies cause she knows that needle is gonna hurt!!! So what to do then to hold her very tight (while she is still crying).. had one nurse ready with her needle, another holding her legs (we learnt from Irfan's lesson), and myself holding her head and arm. It was a struggle - I must say! They left the clinic with a new fashion in town...

New look in town...

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

bDay celeb with Po! - partDeux

Yes, that was the movie in the earlier post.

Forgot to mention! I actually brought along my camera and videocamera to the movies! Yes, a very heavy bag lugged into the cinema to capture Irfan's 2nd bday outing trip to the cinema.

After the movie, got the kids to pose in front of KungfuPanda's big poster, and got my sister-in-law to help catch the shot.

Despite the crowd, I insisted to have a picture taken. Click Click Click - my camera went.. Hmm, sighed my sisinlaw.. and shouted back at me "I think the batt's out!"... Duh! How can I not charge the camera. I took it for granted that there is still life left in my camera! GOOD THING I had my videocamera with me...

So the only remembrance I have to mark Irfan's 2nd bday are the videoshots and... the cinema ticket! 

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Sunday, June 15, 2008

bDay celeb with Po!

Yes... Irfan's 2nd bday today! We spent this day at the Mall - to watch the long-awaited KungfuPanda. Was hesitated to bring him since I was thinking he may still be too young for the movies.. So I prayed and prayed and hope he will stay throughout the movie.
And to my surprise, he did! I was prepared though that if he does breakout into uncomfortable acts, I will leave the cinema. 

HOWEVER,... half way through the movie.. during a peaceful moment of the movie.. when everyone were dead silence... Irfan 'decided' to burst into tears! I did realise before then he kept looking to the back (the Exit).. though still concentrating with the movie. Poor boy! I guess he was kinda excited coming to the movies - something.. somewhere different and realised he was in a strange place!

I was about to leave the cinema with my hand sealed against his mouth.. but with my other hand, I was searching his emergency aid. Finally, he was peacefully calmed with his precious pacifier:) Phew! Mummy can then enjoy the rest of the movie! Woohoo!

As for Aqilah, she was never a movie fan. Before entering the cinema, she would already cover her ears. I had to feed her popcorn as her hands are occupied to feed herself! I actually brainwashed her days before and she did make herself clear with me that she wants 'mummy's computer..' she wants 'buy movie in the shop'... she wants 'cd' version. Well! Sorry girl! Mummy wants to watch it big-screen and I had to bribe her to come! hahahaha... 
Well she has me to thank for now - I think she was the loudest laughing person in the cinema - with her hands covering her ears! 

Now Irfan just can't leave his KungfuPanda vcd alone! You will find him running around the house with the cd in his hands and sometimes doing his own kungfu moves, Irfan-style, with sound effects! My boy... 

My Angels

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